Welcome !!  to the year-round sunny, blue sky, and warm weather, yes, it is the los angeles, california  !!

L.A.V.P. Inc. is a Japanese TV / Video production company with over 28 years of business in Los Angeles, CA . Established in 1982 by Keith S. Fujiyoshi, founder and CEO, L.A.V.P. Inc. has been working with various fantastic clients to produce news from the US, documentaries, and many other different TV programs as well as promotional videos for enterprises. Always using advanced technique and equipment with high end quality, such as High Definition Cameras and 3D stereographic consultation.

What we offer you is quality, assured by the resources and great deal of knowledge cultivated over the years of our true experiences in production work. Big or small, most production work processes are intense under tight dead line pressure. Successful production work requires gangs of talented personnel, team work and good organizer. We will ensure you get what you came for, solve the problem as quick and efficiently as possibly you could imagine, and that is how we keep our good relationship with our clients for more than two decades.  We always listen, think and work as we are part of your team, to deliver the BEST result in each project.

     Office : 150 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 427, Santa Monica, CA 90405 U.S.A.


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